Playstation 5 Are Going to be Powerful Than Xbox Scorpio

Macquarie Research analyst Damian Tong wrote in his speech that the PlayStation 5 will include more than 10 teraflop graphics processing units (GPUs), Barrons reported. This means the PlayStation 5 will likely be much more powerful than the Project Scorpio, which should have 6 teraflops on the GPU.

Microsoft says Project Scorpio will be the most powerful console the company has ever built. It will contain 6 teraflops of GPU to deliver high-quality real 4K gaming and virtual reality.

However, Tiago Sousa, the leading rendering programmer at id Software, believes that 6 teraflops of power for 4k games is just a waste of resources. He said processing power could potentially be used in games with higher fidelity at 1080P rather than losing it to hit 4k games.

In addition, Tong predicts how the PlayStation 5 will reach the second half of 2018. However, the introduction of the PlayStation 5 in 2018 means a very short life cycle with the PlayStation 4. We, therefore, assume that Sony will not launch the console until 2019 or 2020.

Meanwhile, Tong said they believe Sony’s 2018 profit will grow 13% to a stable JPY655.6 billion for each fiscal year ending March 2019. The electronics company could double its operating profit in 2017 regardless of whether another major write-off at Sony Pictures can. avoided by analyzers.

According to video game fans, Sony won’t release the PlayStation 5 until 2020.

Shuhei Yoshida, CEO of Sony, tells PC Advisor how the future of the PlayStation 5 is in the hands of the developers.

“If they still think we need more power on the machine,” we’d like to see every piece of understanding, but we can’t do that with all PS4s. “They will look for reasons to have a PS5 so that developers can show their vision,” said Yoshida.

Like Project Scorpio, the PlayStation 5 also offers native 4K support. Rumour has it that the console will contain AMD chips. Sony is suspected of processing AMD with a processing chip.

Apart from that, the PlayStation 5 offers virtual reality support. The console is rumoured to be priced at around $ 500.

This is the only information available about the PlayStation 5 that is currently available. Follow further for more detailed updates.