All About Automated Clog Clearance System

A chest tube is also known as a thoracic catheter. It is a sterile tube that has a series of drainage holes and is inserted into the pleural area. The pleural space, also known as the cavity or parietal pleura, is the area between the visceral and visceral parts of the pleura. If the pleural cavity becomes obstructed, the patient may need a chest drain system.

The chest tube is connected with a closed chest drainage system. This allows fluid or air to be drained and prevents fluid or air from entering the pleural space. Physicians generally use an automated clog clearance system to clear chest tubes every five minutes. This requires no interaction from the physician.

The device digitally measures and displays the hourly drainage volume as well as trends using an intuitive user interface. Thoraguard is a digital tool that measures and displays air leakage and trends 24 hours per hour in thoracic surgery. It does not require an external suction connection.

Information that is more accurate than the current analog drainage methods can improve clinical decision-making. This can lead to early patient ambulation or discharge. It includes a digital monitor, collection container, and chest tubes that can be used throughout the hospital. The system actively monitors itself and alerts the care team of any disruption or anomaly.