All Things That Must Go Through The Shredder

When you do a typical office setup, you will see a number of gadgets and devices attached for one purpose or another. There will be a Xerox machine, a printer, a coffee maker, and inevitably a paper shredder.

Now if you keep checking the density of the office population around this device, you will find that after the coffee maker, the crowd where the shredder lives. Now the paper shredder doesn't offer anything better than midday coffee.

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The office appears to be involved in a ritualistic circle. The bottom line lies in the relief this simple device provides to those who need to get rid of something important and so quickly and naturally beyond recognition.

It's not that you don't have another method of disposal. Destroying sensitive documents is always better than hiding, burning, or chewing paper for lunch.

The idea of destroying data is nothing new. It comes from the earliest days of human history and from the earliest childhood of every human being on earth.

Remember the days when we accidentally dropped the principal's letter to the parents in the open or every time we manage to rub ink on the testimony where scientific and arithmetic forecasts show?

Destruction of data is embedded in our genes but becomes more complex as we age when we have to think about the whole environment and allergies. As we grow, we collect more sensitive data in our life.