Architectural Visualization Services Create An Effective Photo-Realistic Design For Your Building

The architectural visualization process is carried out to develop a digital photorealistic representation of a building that will help viewers understand and visualize the project design effectively. In recent years, the architectural, engineering, and construction industries have developed in large part due to advances in technology.

In the AEC industry, 3D design, planning, and modeling practices have changed significantly. The practice of making traditional handmade models is over. Currently, all projects related to design, manufacturing, and 3D modeling are performed using CAD or BIM software. You can get services of architectural visualization via for making your project more reliable and on time.

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Using CAD and BIM technology, digital designs are created for any object or building. However, AEC companies and professionals believe that photorealistic 3D images of their construction projects provide their clients with more detailed design information. Therefore, using 3D modeling together with architectural visualization helps these AEC companies and professionals increase their business profits significantly.

Architectural visualization services include:

The main objective of the 3D rendering process is to enhance the photorealism of the 3D design model by adding appropriate colors, textures, shadows, lighting effects, and other important virtual objects. This process is carried out to increase photorealism both inside and outside the building.

In the 3D process of interior visualization, suitable wall colors, floors, ceilings, textures, virtual furniture, and lighting fixtures, ceiling lamps, light effects, and other important virtual objects are added to the interior decoration of the building.

External 3D visualization using appropriate colors, textures, shadows, daylight effects, shadow effects, vegetation, water bodies, floors, human characters, virtual furniture and furniture for outdoor construction, sky, roads, and other important virtual objects added to the section outside the building.