Are Your Trees Prepared For Winter Storms?

Scientists aren't unanimous on the reason why winters are getting more turbulent Many attributes it to global warming. However, the reality is that your winters are getting more dry and windy. You should take measures to avoid the destruction of property and even lives!

Tree owners should be aware that they bear the legal and moral obligation of their trees. While they are usually a natural wonder and incredibly beautiful but trees can also be extremely dangerous, even deadly in severe weather conditions. You can check out to get the best emergency tree service.

emergency tree service

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Tree owners must be proactive before winter comes to inspect their trees in depth. A thorough inspection should include:

The trunk should be examined for decay or rot. Any evidence that suggests that the tree isn't in good health.

Look for dead branches.

Look surrounding the tree, in particular in the case of the slope. Check for evidence of soil movement or slippage.

If you are unsure about the tree's health or safety concerns, you should consult a tree expert to have a professional assess the tree's health and remember that some tree surgeons offer a no-cost assessment. 

If you require remedial work to be completed, contact the experts, this isn't a job for the novice! Tree work is a hazardous job for people who do not have the proper training and the proper equipment. This is certainly not an easy job to do yourself.