Call Forwarding Service and Its Benefits

Call forwarding is very useful and hence popular features in a modern telephone system. It diverting incoming calls to cellphones that are directed like cellphones, home phones, office phones or even voicemail. The biggest advantage is that you don't miss any call and the caller is not faced with a situation like no network, busy, out of reach, cannot receive calls etc.

how to forward call from landline to cell phone

The call forwarding feature usually consists of two types – Variable forwarding calls and busy advanced calls / no response. Variable call forwarding is a feature where you can choose a number that all of your incoming calls can be directed. After you take advantage of this facility, all incoming calls will be received by the telephone operator or concentrated interference point and your special extension will only receive calls for you.

Busy calling / no response, on the other hand, is a feature where all incoming calls are automatically transferred when all your lines are busy, or after a certain few rings. With this really automatic feature, you are not required to activate or disable call forwarding. The big advantage of this feature is automatic and you can set it and forget it and thus much prefer this alternative.

This service is an important feature because you cannot be physically present everywhere at any time but still need to attend phone calls from various people from all over the country or the world.