Ceramic Tiles – How To Maintain

Ceramic tile is a very durable material that contains elements such as natural clay, sand and water. This natural stone is exposed to intense heat and pressure, so it has a high level of resistance to damage and has been processed into ceramic tiles.

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Ceramic tile care

Why is it important to clean ceramic tiles regularly?

If you are exposed to a spill such as alcohol or lime juice, the stain may be permanent and the tile may lose its color forever.

If dust and grime stay on the surface, it will be difficult to remove when you start cleaning.

If you clean after a long time and want to use bleach or other chemicals such as ammonia, there might be a stain that you can't fix.

If you don't wait regularly, you will have to scrub very hard. Because of this, tiles can lose their texture and break easily.

Stubborn stains don't come off easily.

So what should you do?

If anything is spilled, it is always recommended that you clean it immediately with a dry cloth to prevent stains.

If possible, clean and clean the tiles so that no dirt gets into the crevices.

Use a ceramic tile cleaner recommended by the manufacturer to avoid bleaching all color tiles.

Use the cleaner carefully and put a few drops on the small pieces of tile to detect side effects.