Eco Friendly Clone Kitchen Countertops in Austin – Common Styles and Designs

Designs and styles of concrete countertops revolve around the same design and styles natural stones are patterned after. This can be another striking and stylish alternative for those that are on a tight budget but are thinking of remodeling their existing kitchen or constructing a new kitchen.

The looks of concrete countertops will never be far behind granite, marble, and other natural stone countertops but at a considerably lower price. Concrete kitchen countertops are offered too for customization just like natural stones. They require dutiful sealing because concrete are extremely porous.

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marble kitchen countertops

Engineered Stone Countertops: Classic and Durable

The recent drastic changes in Earth's natural structure to the extent that it threatens man's very existence and way of life, has made a lot of people mindful in helping Earth recover its natural vigor.

Preferring to use engineered stones will be a clever move on your part when it comes to choosing the healthiest materials for the environment in fabricating your custom kitchen countertops. Aside from being eco-friendly, it can also provide high levels of valued roles in the kitchen.

It can withstand very high amounts of food preparation activities because it is heavy-duty. It can completely look as good as other natural stone materials because it is 93% quartz. Highly heat resistant and is not prone to staining from spilled coffee and wine. It demands low-level maintenance because it is easy to clean and is highly aseptic because of the micro band component. Icestone, Silestone and Caesarstone are engineered stones to name a few.

Laminate Countertops: Chic and Ritzy

Extremely popular in the 50s and 60s laminate countertops using plastic laminate surfaces like Formicas are still considered the best option today for inexpensive modern clone kitchen countertops.

Remodeling an existing kitchen or constructing a new one, people with budget limits are better off with laminate countertops. Like any other materials used in the custom fabrication of kitchen counters, laminate surfaces have their fair share of benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits include inexpensive cost, abundant resource supply, and easy of installation. Extra care must be taken when preparing food over kitchen counters with laminate surfaces because laminate countertops can't stand too much pounding, thumping, and scraping. Laminate countertops are not heat resistant and even if only a section is damaged the whole surface has to be replaced.