Fixing Separation Anxiety Symptoms In Dogs

Separation Anxiety in Dogs is actually a common problem and can be especially difficult for elderly dogs. Not only is it difficult for them, but it's also equally devastating for you personally. They really are your friend along with your companion, they worry about you even when you have those terrible days!

Dogs can become very stressed when they feel you're about to leave. And, once you do quit, they might grow to be destructive, complaining, chewing, or scratching at doors and windows. You can fix separation anxiety in dogs in an easy way by prescribing drugs or with effective training. 


Give your pet something to enjoy when you're gone. A favorite treat, a bone, or something you know they'll enjoy. This diversion can almost eliminate separation anxiety in dogs. Begin with short departures. 

Determine the length of time you may leave your dog before he or she begins to act out as a consequence of separation anxiety in dogs. It can be just 10 seconds, so start. Practice"sit-stay" and"down-stay" because you move across your house, keeping your dog out of following you from room to room. Do not forget to use treats to retain the practice pleasure.

Ensure your pet is comfy. The right temperature, a soft bed, sunlight, even some easy listening music can help. Some dogs will be more relaxed if they can observe the outside world, the others could become more stressed. 

Don't punish your pet in the event you come home and find there was destructive behavior or a housebreaking"accident". Punishment never quits this behavior and will only increase your pet's stress level.