Flat Panel TV Mount Guide

Are you thinking about how to hang the TV right? Where should you put the TV? Can you mount it into a wall? LCD and Plasma TVs could be mounted in many different areas depending on how big space and the space dynamics.

This guide will tell you some tips that you might consider while setting your TV. You will need to consider the positioning of av equipment along with the appropriate setup for your music and audio cables. You can get expert TV installation service via http://www.tvmounting-houston.com/services/tv-installation/.

Suggestion: Most electric contractors can do standard wiring for electricity and av equipment. 

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It is strongly suggested that you purchase a custom bracket if a version can be obtained, for the Plasma or LCD. Why a custom bracket? It is certain to match the TV whereas universal mounts just fit 90 percent of the time. The customized option also leaves the side and rear of the TV less cluttered than the universal mount.

Take into account the studs

Plasma and LCDs are heavy you need to be certain that you've got studs when you're planning to hang the TV in the ceiling. In case you've got normal (16" spacing) timber studs, many mounts will do the job correctly.