How to Buy Used Auto Parts From a Junkyard

Some people find it disgusting to think of going to a junkyard or salvage yard to search for used parts. This creates the image of decaying cars littering a large yard of dirt. It could take hours to search for a part. An easy way is to use this resource to find the best-used auto parts from a junkyard online.

Junkyards today keep track of their inventory through databases. Even though things might still be old, it is much easier to find the parts you are looking for. You don't have to spend hours looking through the inventory. Employees can help you check it. Additionally, junkyards often receive cars in their original condition. The parts can be easily dismantled and then put together in groups.

Salvage Yards Near Me

Use The Hotline

The majority of large junkyards use a hotline system. When you call a junkyard to inquire about a part they have, they will check their inventory database while they are on the phone. 

They can also use the Hotline to check the inventory of nearby junkyards if they don't have the part they need. A quick tip: Ask the junkyard checking the other yards how much that part would have cost them if it was in their inventory. It is possible to negotiate the price with another dealer.

What is the Average Price You Can Expect to Pay?

Remember that junkyards can be compared to swap meets in that prices are often negotiable. This is especially true if you are buying parts in poor condition. Ask for a price reduction or a lower price. Junkyards are often willing to help you move your inventory. 

Last Thoughts

It's a different experience to buy used parts from a junkyard today than years ago. It is quick, easy, and economical. However, salvage yards are not perfect. Sometimes parts can be incorrectly labeled. To make sure you are correct, you can take the part you're replacing along to check.