How to Get the Best Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials are one of the best ways to build trust among new website visitors. Some testimonials are much more effective than others. To attract more potential consumers, you can use the best video testimony service online. There are key ideas that you can use to make sure your video testimonials are awesome. 

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The best time to get a great testimonial is when your clients have a bunch of positive emotions. That usually happens right when they get the key or at the closing table. You can also inspire positive emotions in your clients by asking the right questions.

Question to ask when getting video testimonials.

1. Ask your clients to introduce themselves. The more personal and real you can make the introduction the better. 

2. Have your clients talk about the challenges you helped them overcome. Did your client have bad credit? Was there a challenge with the home inspection? Many realtors are afraid to do this but if there was challenges don't hide them. When your clients talk about how you helped them overcome a challenge; it positions you as someone that can protect your prospect in their home buying or selling experience.

3. Try not to edit but don't let the testimonial get boring. The less you can edit a testimonial the more genuine it will feel to your prospects. So try not to edit them if you can.