How To Install Honda Suspension Bushings?

There are many things to consider when installing suspension bushings in your vehicle. Proper measurements, matching the type of bushings you need with the application and more – but there is one important step that most people forget about. In this article, it will discuss how to install Honda suspension bushings and what you should be looking for when choosing them.

Here's how to install honda suspension bushings in just a few minutes. 

1. Locate the suspension bushings that come pre-installed on the front and rear of your Honda. If they're missing, they can be purchased separately from your Honda dealership or local parts store. If you are interested in buying honda suspension bushings, then it is recommended to contact

2. Remove the old bushings by prying them off with a screwdriver or a coin. Be careful not to damage the Honda suspension bushes in the process. 

3. Clean the new bushings with brake cleaner and dry them off with a cloth before installing them in their rightful spot on the suspension arms using an axle nut and wrench. Torque the nut to 18 inch pounds (or 25 Nm, if you have an aftermarket arm). 

Reconnect all of the suspension cables,aligning them properly before driving your Honda home. Honda suspension bushings are small washers that are used to separate the shock from the strut. They are often replaced when the shock is worn or when the strut begins to show signs of wear.