How To Use Hair Clay

Here is a high-free chemical, non-greasy, and 100% natural clay, giving you full-bodied control without clogging pores or drying your locks.

The bentonite-based hair styling clay is made with clean materials, originating in the earth. The strong combination of natural oil and minerals work together to provide texture, volume, high tense, all while nourishing your hair.

  • Clean & non-toxic formula

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  • Earth-friendly

  • Clean & shared material together

  • Synthetic zero.

What is the best clay hair?

Like hair products, the best clay hair will be the best for you. So it might be a trial process and an error to try to find which one you like most for the style and the hair you want.

How to use hair clay

Step 1. Prepare hair

Clay is usually applied to dry hair. Prepare the hair beforehand with a hairdryer, pre-styling product, or whatever you use for the style you want.

2. Take the pea-sized amount from the tub

The thicker and longer your hair, the more products you might need, but start small and you can always apply more later!

3. Warm clay

Warming clay thoroughly in hand. You want to spend around 5-10 seconds brushing the hair to warm it properly and spread evenly in all hands.

4. Fix and finish the hair

Now start making hair into the form you want with your finger, brush, or comb.