Make Use of Innovative Safety Earmuffs as a Protection Against Industrial Noise in Australia

Any kind of sensory ailment has dire consequences, especially if it is a professional hearing loss created by a heavy noisy background. The modern-day industrial development has contributed to its manifold. Industrial sectors such as mining, aviation, construction, metallurgy all contribute to a high noise ambience.

If the workers are not protected then the loud noise can lead to permanent hearing loss. In order to protect the workers from this hazard, employers have resorted to hearing protection devices.

Today, there are eminent market players specializing in safety earmuffs that work in close collaboration with the leading oil and gas organizations. You can buy quality earplugs and earmuffs in Australia online.


These earmuffs have to undergo strict testing procedures so that they are able to cater to the demands of the client and other end-users and also emerge as a complete high noise communication solution. This apart, the in-built technology combines it with the advanced hearing protection solution that also results in situational awareness.

Furthermore, the wearer can have it on him with ease with a longer period and can adjust the device buttons as per their requirement. Few other features of these noise-cancelling earplugs are as follows:-

  • Helps in communication in environments beyond 85 dB (A)
  • Secures against every form of noise, for instance, Impact, Intermittent, Continuous
  • Users can safely hear the surroundings whilst hearing the speech
  • Has a Binaural capability, that makes the users hear the direction of Speech and other sounds
  • The speaker is limited to 82 dB (A) in ear
  • Allows a Face to Face communication up to 95dB
  • Has an MP3 Interface
  • Has got Replaceable Ear tips
  • Offers high visibility colour
  • Offers 12+ hours continuous talk time
  • Industrial ruggedized

Such revolutionary speech enhancement technology improves the speech clarity in real-time, thus allowing the workers to communicate safely in environments that have been impossible for interaction some time back.