Messenger Bot A Conversational Style Guide

What exactly is a Facebook Messenger Bot? At the simplest level, chat bots provide a method for companies to automatically automate many low-level consumer support functions. Rather than waiting on hold to talk to an agent, consumers can automatically chat with a chat bot to immediately answer basic questions or complete the initial stages of an advanced RMA request. This results in higher levels of productivity, as users don't have to be online, but rather wait on the phone, which is generally much less busy than an in-person agent.

In order to use a Messenger Bot, you'll need to have a Messenger Bot account, which you can create right from your website. Once you've signed up, you'll be able to access and start using all of the available bot features. These include automatic email replies, as well as automatic posting of blog entries and messages on Twitter and Facebook. Bot apps also provide detailed information about your company, including customer lists and contacts, in order to make it easier for customers to contact you.

You can use one of three different types of chatbot solutions. You can build your own custom messenger chatbot, or you can use a pre-built bot from a third-party developer. If you opt to go with a pre-built bot, be sure to check the terms of service (TOS) carefully before purchasing. Most providers of such services will sell you a license, which you then use for yourself. Many of these platforms come with extensive training for new boat owners, and offer technical support as needed.

Most messaging platform companies offer both consumer and commercial bot solutions, allowing customers to interact with each other in real-time. Unlike email, however, Bot experiences have a significant lag time between when you place an order and when your Bot responds. This means that while you might have a new product to sell, it might take several days before your Bot client receives his/her order. This is why it's important for you to be aware of the terms of service for messenger bots you're considering purchasing. Most providers do allow you to use their bot systems commercially, but there are some that don't; always read the fine print before agreeing to purchase any service.

With the addition of Facebook and Google+ to their networks, mobile messaging is quickly becoming a must for businesses looking to connect with their customers. Messenger Bot offers a great solution for this, as well as many others. By taking full advantage of Facebook's wide variety of applications, you can use your existing Facebook account, your Google+ page, your Twitter account, and even your Sephora bot for customer service purposes, for everything from keeping up with your fan page to handling orders.

There are four distinct areas where messenger bot excels over other apps like contact management, sales and service, advertising, and media marketing. This is because it gives businesses the ability to automate everything that comes after a message has been sent. From the moment a customer contacts your company via email, to the moment the sale is made, your bot is ready to respond. If you're going to take full advantage of Facebook's messaging capabilities, however, you'll need a Facebook account to work with your chatbot. That way, your customers will already have a Facebook account to communicate with you.

A few other considerations: In order to keep your customers happy and coming back for more, you should offer them plenty of options when it comes to their order. Messenger Bot supports both chat and visual style options, so you can customize the look and feel of your application exactly the way you want. Think of it as an easy-to-use, conversational style guide for all of your customers' questions and needs, rather than having to write it yourself. Even better, once you've written the FAQ yourself, you can make minor changes right then and there, too.

Messenger Bot isn't just a novelty, though. With detailed knowledge of the Facebook API, as well as access to a huge database of information about Facebook's most popular applications, it can make things easy for your customers by taking the headache out of the ordering process. Say, for example, that you offer gift cards instead of cash when paying for shipping. Through the Facebook Messenger Bot, you could easily ask your customers if they'd like a discount on their order or if they're interested in purchasing gift cards from you in the future. Since your chat bot is hooked up to all of Facebook's social networking features, it'll be able to tell your customers apart from random strangers.