Modifying Connecticut Child Custody And Visitation Orders

When lives change, parents might ask a Sydney family law attorney whether they can modify a child custody or visitation order to reflect their current circumstances. If you want to explore regarding the child support lawyer, then search the browser.

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For example, a parent who has the right to have a child for an overnight visit every friday night might be assigned to a different shift, so that friday nights are no longer an optimal time for overnights. Can the order be changed?

Negotiating a change

The best way to resolve any proposed change of a custody or visitation order is to make an agreement that satisfies both parents. When parents put the best interest of the child ahead of their desires, they can often fashion a compromise that allows both parents to continue playing a meaningful role in the child’s life.

In some cases, mediation helps parents negotiate an agreement. Mediation is a useful tool when parents do not communicate with each other effectively. If anger is likely to get in the way of reason, a mediator can act as a go-between, helping parents find common ground.

Grounds for change

If parents cannot agree that modifying the custody and visitation order would be appropriate, the parent seeking a change can file a motion asking the court to do so. To succeed, that parent will need to meet connecticut’s legal standard for modifying a custody or visitation order.