Opt For Gym Rental Space in Vancouver

As many personal trainers go into business for themselves, workout ready rental spaces and coworking opportunities are an excellent way to meet clients in the middle. Rather than be tied to a specific gym, or acting as a mobile personal trainer, coworking offers an affordable, flexible training space on a schedule as varied as your clients.

Owning your own space can be prohibitively expensive, and with the wide availability of different gyms, convenient training locations, and other workout ready facilities around Vancouver, competition can be tough. Not all gyms suit your client’s needs, and not all trainers want to travel around and train at home. One of the main benefits of a coworking space is flexibility. You can run your PT business at GWA anytime and anywhere without any hassle.

personal training rental space

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Want to teach a class for several clients at once? Or maybe you want your first half of the week in a static location, and the next half going mobile? With a rented co-working space, you can have a work and training space available when and where you need it.

Following are the ways to make your gym rental space look way more effective:

  • Customize your space

Match the setting of your room to whatever you need for optimal personal training. Adjust lighting, temperature, and music to match your clients and routines — at The Ranch we know there’s no such thing as “one size fits all”.

What works for a dance or martial arts class may not fit what you need for a training session. That’s why we installed adjustable lighting and fast response climate control options.

Set the mood for an intense, high energy session or keep it laid back and help someone regain their strength. Whatever training space setting you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

  • Bathroom and Showers

A good workout means a good sweat, but don’t worry! The studio has two bathrooms kept clean and ready to go, and each one features a shower so you can get that midday workout!

Whether you’re working with nearby clients or other coworkers during personal training sessions, our built-in showers can help you streamline your day. Don’t worry about rushing home between class and work, just shower and you’re good to go. All you need is time for the class and a change of clothes. Flexibility for yourself and your clients makes it easy to schedule more sessions and accommodate more clients overall.

  • Stress-free parking

If you’re familiar with the cramped downtown studios and Houston parking, you’ll be pleased to know that renting a studio space at The Ranch comes with access to free parking in our private lot. Come to work, bring in your clients, and don’t worry about wasting your time looking for a place to park.

Take your time rinsing off after class, or push for another set without stressing over a parking ticket or getting towed. Work on your own schedule, and enjoy the flexibility that our rental spaces offer.

  • Complementary Equipment

The studio is also filled with complimentary equipment to complete the personal training experience. Between customizable settings for lighting and temperature and a range of equipment available for use, The Ranch aims to cover your every need.