Professional Spray Tanning In North Providence RI

Do you want to look great for a wedding, New Year's Eve party, graduation or just that special night? You may not be walking the red carpet today, but why not have the same gorgeous skin as your favorite celebrity? This is possible with a professional tanning spray.

Instead of worrying about the harmful effects of the sun, you will get a natural, sun-free tan that lasts for 7 to 14 days. And you can have as light or dark brown as you like. For more information about tanning in North Providence RI, you can explore this link.

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You can get a fantastic spray tan at your favorite tanning salon or at home. Many salons now offer portable spray tanners as an option.

So how do you maximize your tanning experience?

If you've never gotten a spray tan before, you might want to try it once or twice before your special occasion. You will find the optimal level for your skin tone and, with the help of your salon specialist, determine your best appearance.

Once you know the date of your special event, book your spray tan appointment a day or two in advance. And you should shave or wax at least the day before spray tanning.

Shower before your appointment and don't apply moisturizer to your body or face after you shower. You should also avoid all types of cosmetic products, including deodorants, body sprays, perfumes, or makeup.