Reasons Simulation Technology Should Revolutionize the Medical Industry

There are many reasons how and why this educational tool can reduce human medical error in general. However, it is important to focus on three of the most important benefits of medical multi parameter simulators and how it can alter the practice and understanding of today's medicine.

a. Medical training in a consequence-free environment

When identifying, diagnosing, and prescribing in a virtual/web-based simulator, clinicians can feel more comfortable making decisions because they are in a consequence-free environment.

If a clinician makes a serious error that results in patient injury or death in simulation, the likelihood of making the same mistake in clinical practice is significantly decreased.

 b. Fewer restraints on clinical learning

Virtual patient simulators are available everywhere at once; the availability of high quality training is no longer constrained by access to classrooms, teachers, and experts.

The medical student, nurse, or trained physician with access to a computer with an Internet connection is able to continue training at any time, day or night.

c. Reduced variability in clinical care delivery (i.e. fewer medical errors)

When training on advanced web-based simulators, such as, which utilize a "Quality Improvement Cycle", a clinician's treatment path is compared to best practices and, when available, medical guidelines, and medical error is quickly identified in a specific patient context.