Reasons To Ship With Poly Mailers And Bubble Mailers

Mailing a box can be tricky and isn't always necessary. If you're shipping a non-breakable item, how important is it to ship it in a big, bulky box? Ecommerce delivery requires you to cut costs, not corners, whenever possible. One way to achieve this is to reduce high packaging costs. Poly Mail offers a very affordable alternative to standard packaging, takes up less space, and is easier to pack and ship.


The biggest advantage of mail is, of course, its accessibility. Mailboxes of this size can cost $1.25 or more per unit, even if purchased in bulk. However, Polypost usually only costs around $0.25 per unit when purchased in bulk. There are so many custom printed poly mailers providers available online from where you can buy these bags for your shipping needs.

Custom Printed Poly Bags Tribute Packaging Inc.

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Saves Space:

The box takes up a lot of space even when folded. Polymail, on the other hand, occupies almost nothing. If you pack and unpack your packages in a hurry, freshly assembled boxes can clutter up your warehouse floor – sometimes even making your work area a nuisance. Poly mailboxes are clearly arranged and don't require any installation like boxes. This allows you to pack more shipments faster.

Usually Used:

Some traders may have a stigma about using something this fragile-looking. After all, Polymail is very economical and widely used. So don't always worry about shipping packages made of brown paper tied with twine, some of your favorite items are already shipped on Polypost.