Roadside Assistance Coverage Benefits

Roadside assistance is available if your vehicle is stuck in the mud, ditch, or other obstructions. Provide legal fees for violations of speeding and moving traffic laws.

– Drivers can get travel assistance to cover vehicle rental costs and/or travel expenses if the vehicle is damaged or stolen. This includes car rental, hotel, meals, and public transport.

– Cover the cost of hospitalization and doctor referrals.

Whether you're a driver or passenger, San Antonio Towing provides roadside assistance plans to cover you. Owning a car is not an option, but a necessity.

If you plan and maintain your car well, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are some guidelines for motorists who need to plan to cover an emergency on the road

o Take a look at your automobile insurance policy to determine what coverage you have. You can add basic services to your existing policy for a discounted price. You can call your insurance company to get a list of services along with an insurance adjustment estimate.

o Write down the purpose of each plan before you look at it. You only need to buy a plan that covers the things you are likely to use. A plan with benefits that are not already covered by your auto insurance policy is not something you want.