Some Eye Care Tips To Prevent Vision Loss

Years of staring at a TV screen, book, or computer screen can cause many eye problems. Our ancestors, on the other side, spent many centuries looking at a vast landscape from afar – looking for food and avoiding predators.

Modern life demands that we fix our eyes straight ahead and often look at screens. This can cause permanent eye damage and overtaxes our eyes. To test your eyesight, you can also buy a vision screening machine via

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Good news! You can reduce eye strain and improve your vision. Despite being tiny, the eye muscles still function. The eyes can be exercised in the same way as any other part of the body.

Have you ever felt tired eyes after watching too much TV? This is the reason.

Here are some tips:

During the day, take several breaks where you can close your eyes for at most five minutes. The photoreceptors within your eyes take five minutes to regenerate. This process takes complete darkness. 

An eye pillow that rests on your closed eyes and contains soothing herbs like lavender can make the experience even more enjoyable. You might also consider an audiobook. This allows you to read the book with your eyes closed. 

During your spare time, focus on your central vision. Your job (e.g., working on the computer) can stress your central vision. Don't spend your free time engaging in activities that further strain your vision. You should not be spending all your time on the computer.