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Choosing The Best Area Rug Pad

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing hardwood, laminates, and tiles as their top choices for flooring. This is because they get more value and a more natural and attractive appearance.

Even if you choose hardwood floors, you should still use carpets throughout your home. The most common areas for using these rugs are the hallway, entrance, dining room, and living room.

When using 8×11 area rugs, it is important to use area rug underlay. Knowing where and why to use rugs will help you decide which mat to use.

8x11 rug pad

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When buying a mat, you want to know which area of the house to enter. Rugs in high traffic areas such as hallways or entrances should use a thin, non-slip base.

These pads are usually made of a material that is rubbery and looks like a woven cloth. This holds hard floors very well and will keep your rug in place. You want thin pads to avoid too large a difference in height, to avoid travel hazards, and to create a natural flow when walking.

If you are going to place it under a rug in a living room, which will provide more cushioning and sound absorption, consider using a thicker pad, perhaps one made of felt. You can even find mats designed for use with outdoor rugs, which are usually mildew resistant. If you are using a rug application, consider purchasing a mat made especially for it.