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Sleep Problems – Helpful Tips For Your Baby and You

Do you realize that new babies require 21 hours of sleep each day? Children from six months to two years old age should get more than 12 hours of sleep? Lack of sleep can create problems for all members of the family including angry children during the daytime exhausted mothers, and a stressed, anxious environment.

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is a significant problem for parents of today. Parents today are trying various methods to help their children rest throughout the night, which includes putting the infant to their mattress. Contrarily, parents in the 60s, 70s used to claim that their children did not sleep in their cribs. You can browse the web to know more about  babies and families sleep.

babies and families sleep

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Parents of today

The mothers of newborn babies said that, in the average, they get three and a half hours of sleep per night, which is compared to five hours that the older generations claimed to.

The majority of people surveyed reported that "sleep lack" made them feel angry as well as saying they were angry with their partner.

Vicious circle

Anxiety can cause anxiety. If you're feeling stressed, the likelihood is that your child will be able to sense it and act in the same manner, and you'll be stuck in a vicious circle. If other family members arrive to visit, they will pick up on it as well.