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Become a Business Strategist

Many business managers fail to see the unique strategic contribution that CIOs can make, in large part due to the commercialization of General IT knowledge.

As companies' understanding of information technology spreads, the value of IT tactical knowledge continues to decline. As a result, the CIO can be removed from the executive decision-making role in favor of a financially sound CFO or an operations-oriented CTO (CIO).

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Ironically, it has to be the other way around. With the increasing spread of information technology in companies, IT strategy must also be more integrated into the overall business strategy. To enable this proximity, the CIO must shine. They need to communicate the unique value they can bring to the table as key support for business-to-IT alignment.

Action plan

The following advice is not new. However, recent research shows that CIOs are still struggling to lead, communicate the value of IT, and initiate strategic initiatives.

Failure in this area can now lead to a loss of strategic influence in organizations.

Use these guidelines to increase the visibility and status of the CIO role in your organization.

  • Track and report your success.
  • Use metrics to show that important operations are under control and, most importantly, how IT is creating value for the business.
  • If possible, report your financial returns. For example, changing your supply chain management package may have helped improve inventory turnover and reduce inventory transfer costs. Alternatively, the new CRM system can be upgraded
  • Contact with customers and lead to a certain percentage increase in sales.