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New House Builder in Vancouver

Custom homes builders can build on a lot that they own, and sometimes do, in which case the home is still a custom home. But if you own the lot and want to build a dream home you will want a custom home builder. The established builders do have a custom home division in most cases or look through your local yellow pages.

Project Manager Vs. Builder

The difference between the two is very great. A builder will many times own lots in some or all of the subdivisions in your local area. They buy these lots before the land was subdivided and can make a good profit just on this part of the process. A project manager will build you your home on your land and make a wage and/or a percentage on the project.

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The Hudson Penthouse

A custom home builder will quite often do both of these depending on the type of company they are running.

Project Manager

The role of the project manager is to take care of the project. And that is it. He will make the calls to the trades and companies doing work on the site. He will schedule the delivery of materials, he will make sure everything gets done in an orderly fashion and on time, within reason of course. 

When using a project manager you will buy the lot or the land the house is going to be built on. You will also pay for all of the material, and in some cases pay for the trades and sub-trades and any other labor needed.