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Sheep Farming – Choose The Type Of Sheep Breeds That Will Be Most Suitable For You

Sheep farming is an activity that needs to be carefully considered when planning this. Ask yourself the questions you need to get started. Why raise sheep? Sheep are friendly animals, they love to gather in groups and can range from 50 to 500 pounds.

Additionally, you need to ascertain the reasons why you are going to breed sheep from day one to know exactly what decisions you made in this endeavor. You can also look for white dorper sheep for sale online.

A simple description of the different breeds used to raise sheep will save you time in the long run. They are as follows:

1) Eastern Friesian and Lacuna – these are traditional breeds of sheep used in the US for milk production

2) Awassi – a breed of sheep common in Southwest Asia such as Iraq and the Syrian Arab Republic, weighs an average of about 30kg and is a breed with a thick tail.

3) Assaf – This is a synthetic breed that originated in Israel in the 1950s and contains an average of 611 liters of milk with a standard lactation of about seven months.

4) British Dairy Lamb – the name itself indicates that it is a high-level milk producer. Originally introduced by Lawrence Alderson in Wiltshire and Northumberland, it is now popular in the UK and Canada. It is also known to produce more twins and triplets than any other race.

5) Dorset Horn / Poll Dorset – known for its high-fat milk production and an alternative to off-season milk production.

As can be seen from this shortlist, you can choose which breed of sheep is best for you on a sheep farm. Remember that after choosing the right breed, you need to consider the nutritional needs of the sheep.