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5 rules to get your office dressing right

Dressing in the office is always a tricky affair. The business dress code can easily take you from dressed-up to dressed-down. This fashion faux pas is something that every working professional faces. Hence it is required that you are aware of the following fashion dos and don’ts

So, there are certain rules of office dressing that every working professional should follow. Some of these are simple, some complex – depending on your job profile. For instance, you must wear clothes according to the workplace culture – for example, donning sneakers with a formal suit would look out of place at most workplaces.

Office dressing right The workplace is entrenched in tradition, stiff upper lips are enforced, but office dressing right has become an enigma. No one is quite sure what the protocol is – you want to look good, enhance your self-confidence but without clashing with your work culture.

Here are 5 rules to dress for work

1. Never Wear Logo or Office Décor Colours

Office dressing is a tricky thing. Somehow you have to impress the boss and the higher powers without going over the top of your office décor. A lot of people don’t even know this, but never wear logos or office décor colours. This might seem a little weird, but people can confuse your loyalty for someone else’s products.

When you are wearing logo or décor colours, it looks exclusive to the office. But when you are wearing your own shade of combination, the office looks cool instead. So, get moving towards looking professional with your personal style.

2. Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to smart office dressing, you will always want to go for quality over quantity. You don’t want a single item of clothing that is falling apart, has a bad fit or was crazy expensive in comparison to the rest of your wardrobe. Always pick the higher quality pieces and make sure they match your personality. This way you can wear them over and over again without them going out of style or falling apart.

We spend a third of our lifetime at work and dressing well has greater significance than enhancing an impression of professionalism—it essential for building better relationships with colleagues, thus improving work productivity.

3. Stick to the Uniform

It’s an iron clad rule – if you wear a uniform, you have a better chance of being successful because it lowers your stress level. Not to mention that if you wear a uniform, the people around you will know your strengths and limitations. Choose the Best Uniform Company.

One of the most popular ways to stay organized, and looking professional is to follow a dress code. Therefore, before we begin discussing the rules for men’s business wear, let us first talk about rules on how to dress professionally for your workplace.

4. Wearing Casuals

Wearing casuals can be quite confusing. There are so many options to choose from. And each option available today is more stylish than the other. Casual wear is first on the list of staples that you need on your dressing list. These are first on the list of clothes that you need on an average day at work. So, wear them with confidence and style.

There is no place like the workplace to find the right stuff for dressing well. From a very young age children are taught to wear a shirt and pants before going to school, but as soon as they step into the office their parents would never expect them to be dressed in casuals.

5. No Style Statements

Like everything you put on or carry within public view, your clothes convey something about who you are to the people around you. Depending on the situation you might want to be taken as stylish, confident, conservative, elegant, playful, conservative… the list goes on.

Working in an office environment , you need to dress up for important meetings, client appointments or business lunches (once a week at least). You need to be professional and make a good impression to the people you meet. It doesn’t always mean – suits and ties – either. There are plenty of ways to make a good first impression by dressing right and sending the right message – be it skinner (or heavier) and toned, and grooming and well-groomed.