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Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection – Advantages, Technique and Equipment

Heat exchangers play a key role in the operation of many systems and processes. Some common examples are in the kettle when you turn on the hot water, or in the fridge or freezer to keep it cool. In the first case, heat is transferred to the kettle and the second heat is transferred to keep the freezer cool.

In industry, heat exchangers are used for a wide variety of processes, often under critical conditions. You can now easily find the best wood stove water heater heat exchanger if you browse this site.

Heat Exchanger Water Heater And Water Tube

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Without an efficient heat exchanger, the steam will not reach the right temperature and the turbine will fail, which could cost energy companies millions. For this reason, it is very important to keep the heat exchanger and other basic equipment in tip-top condition.

To reduce these threats, the condition of the equipment is checked through non-destructive or non-destructive testing. In the case of heat exchangers, the pipes, fins and fans are the most important areas to inspect. In some cases, regular use of NDT allows parts to function effectively for years beyond life expectancy. 

The ability to eliminate the problem of germs is one of the main advantages of NDT. The information gleaned from non-destructive testing is also invaluable in understanding what to watch for and where problems can arise. It's also very useful when trying to troubleshoot hard-to-reach problems. NDT allows areas to be inspected without the need for an operator to be present.