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Why Are All The Colors Paracord So Popular Today?

Paracord is a general-purpose cord used by all branches of the military as well as many camping and outdoor enthusiasts. It is commonly referred to as 550 cord because one strand can hold up to five hundred and fifty pounds without breaking. You can also buy the best paracord catches from various online sources.

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Paracord itself is a powerful, compact, and super lightweight cable. It came about on the road back its use in World War II to resist US forces deployed over the air deployments, before, during, and after a moment of historic wars and are still used by the military today. Its primary use, in the beginning, is to securely attach the parachute and parachute backpack while guiding them calmly and safely back to the ground. It needed to be lightweight, strong, and easy to cut if necessary.

Commercial vendors have jumped on the current trends and popular and produce it in many different colors and color patterns. Commonly called Paracord 550 days refers to the tensile strength at 550 lbs. – which means it will not damage to load 550 lbs.

Sometimes winding bracelet and affectionately know as survival bracelets, can be taken apart and decomposes very quickly for both camping or emergency needs, and accessorizing wrist, neck, waist, etc., with a unique weaving and braids. Check Cobra, King Cobra, square, sawtooth, Soloman, and more weaving when combined with shades of color can be very beautiful and popular today.