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Restoring Your Home After A Fire – Cleaning Up Fire And Smoke Damage

There is nothing worse than the effects of fire and smoke that make your home feel like a battle. While you may want to run away to hide somewhere, it's best to start the cleaning process as early as possible.

Before you start cleaning smoke damage, ventilate the area and wear a face mask and safety glasses to prevent dust from getting into your eyes. Also, wear protective gloves to make sure your hands don't come into contact with harmful chemicals.

The fresh air greatly improved the situation. Therefore, if possible, open all doors and windows. If there are skylights, open them to allow air to circulate.

Objects that have been completely destroyed by fire should be disposed of immediately to avoid further contamination of the area.

However, when deciding which items to throw away, keep in mind that a professional can advise you on how to clean items you think are non-returnable. When in doubt, store in a well-ventilated area until you have the opportunity to seek professional advice.

When certain fabrics and mixtures burn, they give off certain fumes and release substances on other surfaces, leaving stains and odors that are tough and sometimes indelible.

Professional firms usually have to deal with cleaning after a major fire and use special techniques to clean every corner that smells.

However, sometimes minor clutter can be removed by cleaning walls and floors with a tablespoon of TSP (trisodium phosphate cleaner) in a gallon of water to remove odors, stains and restore color. Use this solution to scrub paint and surfaces, and make sure that everything is completely dry.