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Guidelines To Socially Responsible Debit Card Use

Are you trying to factor your personal, social, and environmental concerns into your financial considerations? When you do, you will become part of a growing community of socially responsible investors – people who are trying to ensure that their personal choices have a positive impact on their communities and their planet.

Fortunately, debit card rewards reach out to this socially informed group of users. We've put together a list of guidelines to help you find a reward program that links your money to your values. Apart from it, let us tell you a good thing about the debit card that the bank offers. The thing is now the bank offers several interesting and custom designs for bank cards by contacting several offsite and online stores such as Official Pusheen CUCU Covers and give it a new and attractive look.

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Look for a direct debit program that will donate to your favorite charity:

Several companies have recently launched debit card affinity programs that support donations to various national philanthropists. Every time you swipe your debit card, a percentage of your payment is donated to the charity of your choices such as the Elizabeth Glaser Children's AIDS Foundation, the National Childhood Cancer Foundation, and many other popular options. 

Some cards and programs are more environmentally friendly than others:

If you are committed to protecting the environment, you may realize the many environmental benefits of online transactions, rather than paper such as saving trees, wood, and fuel consumption. However, did you know that your debit card can also be dangerous for the environment?

Plastics are toxic pollutants that threaten our air, water, and beaches. Several debit card programs promote payment cards made by PETG, an alternative to the PVC plastic used in most cards today and widely believed to be better for health and the environment.