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Timeless Yet Trendy, the Perfect Home Exterior Is External Timber Cladding

Despite the hype of modern environmentalists, exterior timber cladding is nothing new. It used to be called panel trim, and although current trends don't paint it that looks luxurious yet cost-effective cladding installation services in central coast.

Most of the outbuildings were unpainted, and so were many of the houses. Certain types of timber don't need to be painted even without treatment, but there's no doubt that most of the cheaper timber needs maintenance. 

Timber wallcoverings made from pine and other common timbers require the use of certain chemical treatments but are still very environmentally friendly compared to making vinyl cladding.

Both old and new modern timber veneers in some cases differ only from traditional applications in panels. For some outdoor timber surfaces, the timber is placed vertically or diagonally instead of horizontally like traditional panels. Most of the wall treatment with timber veneers, however, corresponds to the historical use of unpainted planks.

Apart from external applications, timber cladding also works indoors. Historical examples of timber veneers are bead boards and timber panels. Nowadays, timber acoustic wall panels are used to prevent echoes and vibrations in private homes, and many people are using more and more interior timber walls. 

The natural color and texture of the timber give a home-like feeling. The timber paneling resembles a timber house, with an interior made of the same timber as the exterior, and proving to be a very relaxing wall treatment for most people.