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How Do You Repair A Car’s Dashboard Cluster

As part of an interior upgrade, the dashboard will need to be replaced or repaired on any car. The dashboard is the most vulnerable area in a vehicle. It can be damaged by heat from the heater or the sun. 

Cracking can occur and, depending on the extent of the damage, you might need to replace the whole dash. It will be much easier to have someone help you to repair a cluster of your car.

Dashboard Cluster

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You should always unplug the car's battery before you do any interior or exterior work. Then, you will need to take out everything that is visible. You will need to remove the steering wheel, glove box, instrument cluster, and all screws that you can see.

Take your time when taking off the dashboard. There may be some screws that you have missed. It will be easier to do the job later if you take care not to damage any items. You can complete the job with a flathead screwdriver. Replace the parts you have taken out, e.g. The instrument box and the steering wheel. Re-connect the battery and make sure that everything is working properly. lights, radio, etc.

You may not need to replace the entire dashboard if there are just a few cracks. A special kit may be enough to fix the damaged one. After you are done, paint the entire surface. This technique is only good for very small cracks.