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Truck Accident Attorney – What You Need to Know

Unlike other types of automobile accidents, the commercial truck also known as 18 wheeler accidents are much more complex as it entails a lot of details.GLR attorneys focus strictly on personal injury casesincluding work-related injuries and drunk driving accidents.

For example, there are the drivers, loading agents, and trucking companies that will most likely be embroiled in the case. This is because it has to be determined whether the truck driver was the one, who was at fault.

This is because there are truck drivers who suffer from driver fatigue due to driving for long hours without much break in between. On the other hand, the loading company may also be at fault for not securing the goods properly.

The trucking company is held responsible if they neglected to maintain the truck. Knowing who was at fault here may not easily be determined by the average person.

It is for this reason that you are highly advised that when involved in a truck accident to immediately get in touch with a truck accident lawyer.

Only your lawyer will be in a position to determine whether the accident was caused by driver fatigue or poor securing of cargo or poor truck maintenance. Immediately after the accident, your truck accident attorney will commence an investigation to make certain that they know which party was actually at fault for the accident.